Game of Gods: The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment

By Carl Teichrib



This bibliography does not encapsulate the entirety of the sources found in Game of Gods. It does, however, provide a snap shot of sources used in helping to understand the main ideas, movements and concepts, including augments and counter-views. Note: At times, two dates are listed for publishing, reflecting the date of the original release and the version used in this study.


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Game of Gods is the most thorough writing of our generation on the history and inner workings of the one-world movement.

Gary H. Kah, author of En Route to Global Occupation & The New World Religion.


One of the most brilliant pieces of work ever written on how the Judeo-Christian narrative has been abandoned in our politics and culture, replaced by a me-god worldview. A must read… for such a time as this!

– Cindy Hartline, host of Love For The Truth Radio.


Timely truth with flawlessly documented research, unparalleled scope and insight.

– Debra Rae, author of ABCs of Globalism.

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