by Carl Teichrib 

Game of Gods:

The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment

Humanity has three Great Desires: To be as God, to be Masters of Meaning and Destiny, to build Heaven on Earth – this is that story.

Game of Gods is a comprehensive investigation into the changing nature of Western civilization, the replacement of the Judeo-Christian framework with a new, yet ancient paradigm. It is a journey into the cracks and crevices of big history; an expedition into the expanding realm of transformational movements and influential ideas – forces of change that are shifting how we think, behave, and relate.

570 pages.

1,800 footnotes.

Extensively indexed. 


Game of Gods is a bulwark, an island fortress in a sea of chaotic information.


From politics to transhumanism to the interfaith movement, Western culture is quickly turning away from a biblical worldview and embracing a false gospel of Oneness. Teichrib skillfully explains the roots of this shift and how the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ is still the only hope for a world enraptured with paganism.Game of Gods is exactly the resource the church needs for such a time as this. Read it!

– Janet Mefferd, host of Janet Mefferd Today.


Timely truth with flawlessly documented research, unparalleled scope and insight.

– Debra Rae, author of ABCs of Globalism.


Game of Gods is the most thorough writing of our generation on the history and inner workings of the one-world movement.

– Gary H. Kah, author of En Route to Global Occupation & The New World Religion.


One of the most brilliant pieces of work ever written on how the Judeo-Christian narrative has been abandoned in our politics and culture, replaced by a me-god worldview. A must read… for such a time as this! 

– Cindy Hartline, host of Love For The Truth Radio.


Game of Gods is a must-read. Carl Teichrib draws on primary sources and lets the leaders of a new globalist religion tell you exactly what they’re planning: a new Golden Age ruled by the gods of antiquity.

– Derek Gilbert, host of SkyWatchTV and author of Last Clash of the Titans.


Game of Gods is a must have for any serious Christian researcher interested in the manifestations of spirituality prevalent in our day.

– Mike Spaulding, host of Soaring Eagle Radio.

Carl Teichrib

Carl Teichrib is a researcher, writer, and lecturer focusing on the paradigm shift sweeping the Western world, including the challenges and opportunities faced by Christians. Over the years he has attended a range of internationally significant political, religious, and social events in his quest to understand the historical and contemporary forces of transformation – including the Parliament of the Worlds Religions, Burning Man, and the United Nations Millennium Forum.

Since the mid-1990s, Carl’s research has been utilized by numerous authors, media hosts and documentary producers, pastors, professors and students, and interested lay people. From 2007 until the end of 2015, he edited a monthly web-based magazine, Forcing Change, documenting and detailing the worldview revolution underway – points of pressure, forces of change.

He frequently speaks to church groups, in conference settings, and occasionally teaches a modular course on Secular/Pagan Trends at Millar College of the Bible.

Carl’s biases are transparent: he embraces an evangelical Christian perspective, is pro-liberty versus politically imposed equality, pro-individualistic versus consensus collectivism, and pro-free market.

Carl is available for media interviews, conference presentations, and other teaching opportunities. For booking enquires, please follow the link to the Booking Contact page. 

Statement on sharing platforms: Carl frequently speaks at conferences and other public settings, he is often a media guest on radio/podcast and television programs, and his writings are published and/or reprinted in various forms and outlets. Carl appreciates these opportunities, but does not necessarily agree with and/or endorse the worldviews and positions of event organizers, other conference speakers, media hosts and networks, publishers and/or other authors. 

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