Game of Gods:

The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment


By Carl Teichrib


* The following is an excerpt from the first pages of chapter eight.


Chapter 8

Agonizing Transcendence


Look to Me, and be saved, All you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other. – Isaiah 45:22.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” – John 14:6.

   Humanity’s “Real Dream,” according to visionary futurist, Philip Comella, is to collectively awaken our “God Mind.” Once we realize this Oneness, a new Eden will come into existence. Hope is found in mystical unity: “Our fates are intertwined, and so we find salvation in each other.”[1]

   Mystic and author, Frank X. Tuoti, postulated that in “the evolving Mystical Age, humanity will recover the sacred view, which will be not only our salvation but also our freedom and joy.” Salvific enchantment would come through the discovery of the “Divine Mother once again.”[2]

   Emmy award winning actor and eco-mystic, Dennis Weaver, said it plainly: “It is the realization of our oneness that is our salvation.”[3]

   Implied is that exclusive and separating truth claims are antithetical to collective salvation. We are all One infers that separation is an illusion.

   “You have merely been segregating yourself from yourself,” was the message given to Neale Donald Walsch by a non-human intelligence. “When you break through the circle of your containment, you will discover that everything is just like you. Not only everyONE else, but everyTHING else.”[4]

   The voice told Walsch that separation is the lie,

Stop thinking of yourself as separate, and all the true power that comes from the inner strength of unity is yours… to wield as you wish…

Separation from God and from each other is the cause of all your dysfunction and suffering. Still, separation continues to masquerade as strength, and your politics, your economics, and even your religions have perpetuated the lie…

There is no separation. Not from each other, not from God…

This is the greatest secret of all time. It is the answer for which man has searched for millennia. It is the solution for which he has worked, the revelation for which he has prayed.[5]

   In his book, Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos, Ervin Laszlo stressed that the universe is not made up of “separate things and events.” Matter itself is “not a separate kind of thing, and it doesn’t even have a reality of its own.”[6] Events, experiences, consciousness and matter – all are part of each other, and the same, in the One-ist paradigm.

   “In truth there is no right or wrong,” explained the so-called ancient astronaut, self-identified as Ra, in a series of channeled messages. “You are every thing, every being, every emotion… You are unity. You are infinity… You are. This is the Law of One.”[7]

   Dennis Weaver, who said we have to “feel God, and then give ourselves over to that feeling,” proclaimed that, “we will awaken to the truth that there is no difference. It is all One. There is no separation.”[8]

   What will this ultimately produce? According to Comella, the goal of Oneness – to be the united mind of God – is to realize the dream of world peace, and thereby “to make a real heaven on earth.”[9]

   Oneness offers a vision of hope based on an ideal image of ourselves, constructing a thought-platform with redemption and salvation in mind. Variations in how this is conceived or implemented exist,[10] but by definition and proclamation, exclusivity and separation are anathema.

   To some extent I can empathize. Peace, harmony, and a brighter future are universally desired. We intuitively know things could be better, and the problem of pain and suffering are reminders we live in a broken world. Struggles and trials are part of daily life, and our mortal end is ever before us. Yet, in the shadows and light and darkness of the human experience, we still hope. In fact, hope is essential for survival and flourishing.

   But hope in what? Nature? Humanity?

   Not in Oneness, for events and things and matter are not separate. Everything and everyone is the same, and there is no right or wrong. Pain is an illusion, pleasure is fiction, your cancer is nothing and everything, your joys are fruitless, rape and murder are equal to charity and compassion, to live or die does not matter: The list is endlessly depressing. Oneness cannot offer a better tomorrow, because “better” and “tomorrow” are non-existent. Hope is hopeless, for hope implies being favorably separated from a less desirable condition. The dream of peace is pointless, for war is just the same.

   In a dimension where distinctions dissolve, any sense of real value is not only lost, but it can never be assigned. Relationships disappear, and love fades to nothingness.

   When Theosophist Alice A. Bailey referenced those “old and undesirable” things that must disappear in the coming New Age – “hatred and the spirit of separation”[11] – I am compelled to ask: Why? If all is One, then hatred is non-existent already. Or maybe the real Oneness is hatred? Who can know?

   Of course, to determine if something is hateful requires judgment, which is predicated on the act of separating beliefs, values, and actions. To announce that separation is the lie, or that it is evil or hateful or wrong, means that distinctions have been categorically declared. Value judgments and truth claims have been made known; separation has taken place. A relationship has been established.

   But according to an angelic presence speaking to the influential futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard, the problem of separation is one of remembrance and identity. We have forgotten we are God, and therefore we live in an illusion of separation. The solution is to realize our divine union. However, if you are incapable of attaining such lofty enlightenment, or are unwilling to participate in the Plan – to become “godlike” – then you will be discarded.

   Describing the coming selection process, when those who will not participate in the Planetary Birth are to be removed, the non-human intelligence said the following to Hubbard,

My challenge is, how can the illusion of separation of humanity from God be overcome quickly enough to save the world? The solution is, we must realize the union of humanity and God…

The surgeon dare leave no cancer in the body when he closes up the wound after a delicate operation. We dare leave no self- centeredness on Earth after the selecting process. For when we complete the process of the transformation, all who live on will be empowered to be godlike. They will have touched the Tree of Life. The cherubims and flaming sword will be removed forever. The memory of God will be restored to humanity…

Overcome the devil within, overcome your own sense of separation from God, and thereby release within you the power of God, for the good, and you will save the world.[12]

   Putting aside the need to “save the world” and the ominous verbiage of being cut-out like cancer, something akin to a spiritual Hitler[13] separating the undesirables for the ideal of group conformity, the message of divine awakening begs the question: If our Divine-Human Oneness has to be remembered, is it real? Why, pray tell, do I need to be reminded if All is One?

   Having to be told we are God discredits the very idea we are God.

   The fact that mystical moods can be conjured irrespective of religious characteristics and formalities, being evident in Hinduism, Christian mysticism, Sufism, Buddhism – or through a rave experience – indicates that it begins in the structures of the mind. In this I am referring to neurochemical responses and the brain’s ability to process the experience. Thought is suspended as flow takes over.

   There is physicality to the mystical experience, and health and wellness claims are often associated with it. This is not to say it is corporeal only, but that the sensory starting point of mysticism is traceable to a physical reality before shifting into personal abstracts. Inner experience becomes philosophy. The mystical mood ventures into religious and ideological waters.

   Ideas have consequences, and Oneness is a very big idea.

   To the purist, however, Oneness is not a concept or belief that can be framed or communicated; it is a realized truth only. Oneness or Monism, by definition, is formless. Words and language, the essential structures through which purpose, value, and understanding are transmitted, runs counter to the spirit of One-ism. Language is both form and function, and words delineate and impart meaning. Oneness, therefore, cannot be described.

   By rejecting divisions, Oneness also renders legal rule and law as pointless constructs. Justice is dependent on gauging what is true or false, and what is morally measurable. Ethics is based on standards and judgments grounded in value distinctions. Established boundaries separating right from wrong are not frivolous fictions, but real and necessary.

   No one who espouses Oneness actually lives it out.

   Even the One-ist argument for heaven-on-earth cannot be conceived outside the reality of separateness, for it rests on comparison and judgment. Ironically, while Oneness is opposed to exclusivity, in asserting that it is the only way to salvation it finds itself in that very category.

   Oneness is the illusion.


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